Today at Sennheiser's "Reshaping Excellence" event in London, the company teased invited guests and the media with what looks to be the successor of the legendary but wildly expensive Orpheus headphones.  Sennheiser did not provide much details or a name for this new model. This new headphone appears to be accompanied with an amp/DAC for a complete listening system.  


What we know so far are, the amplifier/DAC housing is made of the finest Carrara marble, 2.4 micrometer, platinum-vaporized diaphragms and an ultra-wide frequency range from 8 Hz to <100kHz.  On the back-side of the system reveals a USB digital in, optical, COAX digital, a second headphone input, balanced/unbalanced inputs and outputs.

Pricing for this system was not announced at the event.  IFA is scheduled for Sept. 4-9th and we're expecting hear more about this new product and possibly an official announcement with pricing and detail specs.  Stay tuned!

Shout out to Jude Mansilla from Head-Fi for the pics and information.  Join the discussion here (link)