George from Addicted to Audio has sharp eyes!  He spotted what looks like a prototype from the British headphone company Reid Heath Audio (RHA).  This will be RHA's first entry into the portable DAC/amp space.  Judging from the back panel, the name might be DACAMP M1.   

Update: An RHA representative told us:

"We were delighted to offer an early prototype preview of an upcoming product to attendees at the High End Show in Munich and the Fujiya Avic show in Tokyo. An official announcement and further information about the product will be available soon."

On the side of the DACAMP M1 there appears to be three knobs.  Our guess would be that those are gain and tone controls (Gain, Bass, Treble).  On the top, it appears to be a recessed volume control and power ON/OFF positioned in the center.

According to the display at RHA's exhibit at Munich High-End show, the upcoming DACAMP M1 will have TWO ESS ES9018K2M DACs and will likely carry the "Hi-Res" certification badge.

Connectivity looks to be your standard suspects for a portable DAC/amp combo.

  • Analog Input
  • Analog Line Output
  • Micro USB for charging and connection to a PC/MAC
  • USB Type A for portable digital music player

In this image you see the standard 3.5mm headphone output AND a 4-pin Mini-XLR connector.  Interesting choice to use a 4-pin Mini-XLR if it is for balanced headphones.