Questyle Audio released its new product current mode pre-amplifer CMA800P.  800 indicates the top class of headphone systems, P indicates pre-amplifer. As what we definate CMA800P: pure HI-END gene,special edition for STAX009, to expire the best performanc of electrostatic earspeaker. Thou STAX does not show up , STAX SR009 and SATX727MKII , provided by STAX , will be exhibited on Questyle's show room in Munich High-End this year, as a partner support.  

The CMA800P is to best express the STAX SR-009 Potential

High-end audio gear, must prove itself with outstanding sound performance. The CMA800P specification surprises audiophiles in many respects: inherent from the Questyle Audio Current Mode Amplification patented design, it produces a distortion level as low as 0.00025% THD, linear across the complete audible frequency range of 20Hz —20kHz, while producing no measurable TIMD. With these specifications, the CMA800P can easily challenge all pre-amps in current production. Together with STAX SR-009 system, the whole set brings the user greater than expected performance: the bass cannot be beat by dynamic headphones thanks to its high resolution expression capacity, individual instrument pronunciation is clearly displayed without mixing, creating a powerful sound field ensuring each instrument has its precise playing position expressed. High frequencies are not shadowed over due to the bass performing well, instead, the High frequencies are greatly improved as well. Listeners will be thrilled at the richness of sound, especially the violin, which is often left thin and anemic on other headphone systems.  


  • Gain  : Gain=High
  •             Gain=low 
  • Max output amplitude : 
  • 13Vrms in full balance mode /6.5Vrms in unbalance mode 
  • SNR : 131dB in full balance mode  /_124dB in unbalance mode
  • THD+N : 0.00021% @1kHz, 10K Ohm in full balance mode 
  •                0.00023% @1kHz, 10K Ohm in unbalance mode 
  • Frequency response: DC-100KHz (+0, -3dB)  (built-in LPF filter) 
  • Input Impedance : 2.9K Ohm 
  • Input : XLR x1 /RCA x1
  • Output: XLR x1 /Stereo RCA x1 
  • Working Status: Pure Class A 
  • Input voltage : 100-120V /220-240V 
  • Power Consumption: 9W 
  • Dimension: 330x300x55 mm 

Suggest U.S. retail $TBA (More info)