Jamo Announces Studio 8 Speaker Series

Jamo announces the reimagined Studio 8 speaker series, which has been a core Jamo line for decades. The new Jamo Studio 8 series combines innovative contemporary designs, advanced acoustics, and balanced, natural sound at various price points. Extra attention to detail has been paid to ensure this series has a clean, seamless appearance. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 6.10.35 AM.jpg

The Jamo Studio 8 passive speakers include three towers (S 809, S 807, S805), two monitors (S 803 and S 801), two centers (S 83 CEN and S 81 CEN), two subwoofers (S 810 SUB and S 808 SUB), and one Dolby Atmos® certified elevation speaker (S 8 ATM). 

The larger towers (S 809 and S 807) and monitor (S 803) speakers have elegant, patent-pending conductive metal fasteners on the top of their cabinets that also serve as terminals for the S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos certified elevation speaker. The S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker’s metal feet innovatively align with these connectors so the back of the speaker has a clean design. The grilles on the tower speakers slide up to align with the Dolby Atmos elevation speaker and create one continuous line, free from visible inputs or wires. 

The slimline, versatile 10” and 8” subwoofers (S 810 SUB and S 808 SUB, respectively) can be placed vertically or horizontally against the wall, or even tucked on their side out of site underneath furniture. They feature a bottom-mounted amplifier and 90° power plug for additional orientation flexibility and a clean look. 


All speaker models are available in three furniture-grade finishes with wood grain accents around the tweeters, at the bases, and feet. The fully magnetic grilles come in two unique colors – white speakers come with heather gray grilles, and the walnut and black speakers come with charcoal gray grilles. 

The Jamo Studio 8 collection of speakers will be on display at CES 2018 in Klipsch Group booth 13529/Central Hall. They are available now through select retailers and at Jamo.com. U.S. MSRP’s are as follows: Towers S 809 $699 ea., S 807 $599 ea., and S 805 $399. Monitors S 803 $$299 pr. and S 801 $199 pr. Center Channels S 83 CEN $249 ea. and S 81 CEN $179 ea. Dolby Atmos elevation speaker S 8 ATM $199 pr. Subwoofers S 810 Sub $299 ea. and S 808 $199 ea. (source)