MrSpeakers Introduces VOCE Electrostatic Headphones

VOCE is Italian for voice, which seemed an appropriate name for an electrostatic that was designed from day 1 to bring a unique sound signature to the electrostatic headphone market. VOCE was designed with comfort in mind, and delivers electrostatic clarity and resolution with bass that's nearly flat to 10Hz in a design that lets you comfortably enjoy hours of continuous listening. 


VOCE is a ground-up design and features numerous unique features:

  • All-new 88mm 2.4 micron thick electrostatic driver, able to reach the deepest lows and the highest highs
  • Compatible with Stax Pro-bias (580V) amplifiers and energizers
  • MrSpeakers' signature headband using NiTinol memory metal with our unique hinge-free assembly for improved reliability, lighter weight and greater comfort
  • User replaceable 2m (6ft) custom designed silver-plated copper headphone round cable that is supple, non-microphonic, very low capacitance and lightweight
  • Custom made amplifier plug (Stax Pro Bias Compatible) with machined Teflon body, gold plated solid OFC pins, and machined housing for optimum sound and reliability
  • Storage and shipping box that doubles as a beautiful display case and headphone stand. The case even has a cable slot so you can leave your headphone plugged in while stored
  • Tuning kit supports three unique voicings so you can tune your VOCE to your preferences

Our goal with VOCE is to deliver all the excitement and clarity of electrostatics, but with dynamics and lower end impact more typical of the best planar or dynamic headphones. With several tuning options, VOCE can range from a slightly brighter tone similar to some higher end electrostatics, to a very neutral or even slightly dark voicing, though the latter loses a bit of resolving power, for people more concerned with tone (or EDM fans) this can be a very enjoyable voicing. In short, VOCE delivers electrostatic resolution with a full and powerful bottom end, a very large soundstage, a nuanced and full midrange, and smooth, non-fatiguing highs.

Box features include:

  • Real walnut hardwood
  • Hinged clear acrylic front doors with magnetic fasteners
  • A built-in integrated headphone stand
  • A convenient front-slot for the cable so the headphones may be left plugged-in while stored
  • Price: MSRP $2999.99

VOCE is available for order today at MrSpeakers online store and authorized dealers. VOCE shipments will begin in Feb, 2018 and we are now taking orders. (source)