NAD Electronics Announces T 758 V3 Surround Sound Receiver

NAD Electronics is updating and upgrading the performance of its T 758 with the new generation T 758 V3. The affordable surround sound receiver will now come ready with Dolby Atmos, BluOS® high-res multi-room audio and 4K UHD Video, all built-in. Maintaining similar pricing as its predecessor ($1299 U.S. MSRP) the T 758 V3 is now shipping.

NAD T 758 V3 Front.jpg

As with all NAD components, the company’s latest offering continues their 'simple is better' design philosophy. This sensible approach contributes to ease of use and maximizes performance where it counts. The T 758 V3 features NAD’s legendary sound quality and complete compatibility with all the latest features and formats to ensure lifelike music and movie enjoyment.

Most A/V receivers available on the market today focus predominantly on the Video and Surround Sound aspects, leaving audio circuitry almost as an afterthought. NAD firmly believes that there are many people for whom music will always come first. With NAD’s reputation for high value/high performance, it was obvious that the T 758 V3 would have to please audiophiles and home theatre enthusiasts alike.

“NAD carefully evaluates how customers use our products and only includes the features that are essential for great audio and video performance,” commented Greg Stidsen, Director of Technology and Product Planning for NAD. “In addition, our Modular Design Construction feature offers the real benefit of being able to add new technologies as they become available, greatly enhancing the value proposition. With the T 758 V3, we are excited to add key features such as Dolby Atmos, 4K UHD Video and BluOS music streaming.” (source)

Key Features of the NAD T 758 V3: 

  • Dolby Atmos built in
  • 4K UHD Video built in
  • BluOS high-res multi-room audio built in
  • Modular Design Construction (MDC) offers ability to upgrade to future digital formats when available
  • Legendary NAD sound combined with latest audio formats
  • Simple user interface, AV presets and inputs can be renamed 
  • NAD Speaker iQ for easy accurate speaker setup and auto software updates
  • Complete with Dirac Live Room Correction software delivers optimized sound quality 
NAD T 758 V3 Rear.jpg