MrSpeakers Introduces ÆON Closed-back Planar Magnetic Headphones

MrSpeakers' ÆON is a closed-back planar magnetic headphone that delivers outstanding audio performance, comfort and value, all in a compact yet full-size circumaural design.

  • ÆON is chuck full of the technologies we've developed for our award-winning top-of-the-line ETHER Flow products.  Key features include:
  • An all-new V-Planar driver with Trueflow motor optimizations (is that geeky enough?) for exceptionally detailed and lifelike sound
  • Ultralight all-metal construction, less than 340 grams, with spacious around-the-ear pads
  • Real carbon fiber cup inserts
  • Genuine leather head-strap
  • All new DUMMER cable with a dual 3.5mm and 1/4" plug (compatible with ETHER and Alpha headphone cables)
  • Efficient enough to run on most headphones (for best results we do recommend a DAP, portable DAC/Amp, or desktop system)
  • MSRP: $799

ÆON will ship in volume by April 30, 2017.  Advanced orders are being taken starting at 5PM Pacific time, January 30, 2017.  There's a special $100 pre-order discount on the first 250 headphones*. (source)

*Pre-order sales are final, no refunds or cancellations will be accepted.  Quantities are limited.