AKG working on the successor to the legendary K1000?

In 1989, AKG Acoustics introduced to the world the AKG K1000 headphones. It became one of the most sold and most unique headphones in the high-end, high priced ($1200) segment. Its unique design gives the listener a musical experience like no other headphones in the world. When paired with a high power amplifier, the K1000 is regarded as one of the best sounding headphones of its time. The AKG K1000 is regarded as the legend of headphones today. A used pair commands between $1200–$2300 USD on eBay depending on the condition.


Our sources tells us that in 2015, a small number of clever engineers who worked on the K1000 at AKG in Vienna came together again accompanied by a few young talents in the company. They wanted to see what's possible today unitizing the latest technology - more than two decades later. Based on the similar open product design towards enormous spherical acoustic impression found in the original K1000.

We don't have any pictures or specs to share at this time. We were told to expect the sales price to be around $3500 Euro. Product name and logo to be released on the 24th of September 2016. Stay subscribed...