Etymotic Research introduces ER4XR and ER4SR high-fidelity in-ear monitors

Etymotic Research today announced the release of two updates to its classic ER-4® insert earphone, the new ER4SR™ Studio Reference earphone and ER4XR™ Extended Response model.

For more than two decades, the ER-4S has been the world’s most accurate high-fidelity earphone. Because of this, and its 30-40 dB noise isolation, the ER-4S has remained largely unchanged until now. The new models meet three design goals: 1) to provide greater accuracy in sound reproduction in the ER4SR Studio Reference earphone, 2) to offer consumers a choice with the ER4XR Extended Response option that delivers a little more bass without sacrificing the overall quality of the listening experience, and 3) a durable cable that is user replaceable.
The ER4SR Studio Reference earphone improves the accuracy of the previous ER-4S model, while providing a significant improvement in sensitivity, making it more compatible with the portable media players on the market today. The ER4SR offers audio professionals and those wanting the ultimate in sound accuracy a new level of performance. The ER4XR Extended Response earphone offers a modest bass boost, building on the original ER-4’s neutral sound, while providing a sound signature that some ER-4 fans have been asking for.

“Etymotic invented the noise-excluding in-ear earphone, giving consumers an unparalleled listening experience with noise isolation superior to other in-ears as well as headphones with ‘active noise-cancellation’ options,” says Etymotic VP of Sales and Marketing Al Arends. “For 25 years, the state-of-the-art insert earphone has been the ER-4. Now, with the arrival of the ER4SR and ER4XR, the world’s most accurate earphone just got better. Then or now, we have found no multiple-driver design that can match the accuracy of the ER4."

Priced at $349, both models feature precision-machined, anodized metal bodies and Etymotic’s industry-leading 1-dB match between left and right channels across frequency with individual channel-matching performance charts provided with each pair of earphones. Product distribution will roll out to various channels over the coming months (Amazon), but will be available on beginning June 8th.