Exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming Diana by JPS Labs

Creator of the ultra high-end Abyss AB-1266 headphones, JPS Labs is set to show a close to production Diana at this year’s Munich High-end Audio Show. We first broke the news about Diana back in August 2015. 

From what we know today, Diana is the thinnest planar magnetic headphone in the world and extremely lightweight due to the single-piece unibody aluminum frame. At launch, she will be dressed in all-white with matching ear pads and blue Alcantara underneath the headband. There are discussions of other colors to be available at a later date. We called dibs on a Rose Gold (pink!) Diana.

JPS Labs tells us Diana is not just a pretty face. It’s sonic performance is not far behind her big brother Abyss AB-1266. Diana is physically smaller so it’s more portable and is easier to drive than Abyss. Small amps and high-end DAP (digital audio player) such as the Astell&Kern AK380 or Questyle Audio QP-1r should have no problem powering Diana for on-the-go use.

Diana is estimated to retail at $3,000 USD and is slated to launch this Summer. We will try to get our paws on a production pair for an unboxing/first look. (source)