Arcam announces US debut of the MusicBOOST

The Arcam MusicBOOST is a combined headphone amp, DAC and battery pack for the iPhone6®. The MusicBOOST greatly improves audio quality while protecting the cell phone with its soft-touch sleeve. MusicBOOST has been carefully designed to not only boost the battery
life and help to protect your iPhone 6, but also to massively improve the audio quality. Using only the  nest DAC (digital to analogue converter) and dedicated headphone ICs from TI/Burr Brown as well as years of experience in making world-class stereo and AV products, the MusicBOOST from Arcam will transform your mobile listening experience! Visit Arcam's exhibit at the Venetian Tower - Suite 29-212 at CES 2016. 

  • Fully recharges the iPhone 6 battery with up to 120% extra battery life
  • High precision DAC with dedicated headphone amplifier for high quality sound
  • Soft touch sleeve to help protect your iPhone 6