BeoPlay Introduces H7 Wireless Headphones in Cenere Grey Colour

Wireless Wonder:
BeoPlay H7 are wireless over-ear headphones that deliver Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound without the wires. They feature well-balanced, clear sound performance and best-in-class materials. You can control everything directly with the innovative touch interface on the ear cup and with up to 20 hours playtime, H7 keeps playing from dawn to dusk.

Magnificent Monochrome:
BeoPlay H7 is now available in Cenere Grey, a striking new colour that truly highlights the product’s beautiful materials. With the monochromatic design, textures and materials take centre stage and become even more noticeable. 

The Cenere Grey headphones maintain Bang & Olufsen’s trademark style of combining natural materials to create an elegant look. With H7 - aluminium meets leather and fabric in a contemporary colour that complements any look.

BeoPlay H7 will be available in early February for $449 on BeoPlay online and Bang, Olufsen retail stores and Amazon. (source)