CEntrance HiFi-Skÿn - A sound card inside the phone case

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The CEntrance HiFi-Skÿn is a sound card inside the phone case. It delivers your music in pristine audio fidelity and on top of that, packs a long-lasting battery to charge your phone while playing!  Besides audiophile sound quality, it features a powerful amp that works with most sophisticated headphones on the market. HiFi-Skÿn is perfect for those extended shifts at work, on long flights, or at home, when you need some quality tunes but the phone's buzzy sound just wouldn't cut it. 
No more compromises. Leave your music player at home. Carry one device that's perfect for both music and communication—your phone wrapped in a HiFi-Skÿn.

No bulk, no extra components, no unsightly rubber bands holding things together! Your phone will slide right into HiFi-Skÿn, and the built-in battery can recharge your phone, or allow you to listen for up to 10 hours! Besides that, HiFi-Skÿn acts as a shock-absorbing case for your valuable phone.

Turn your iPhone into an audiophile music player—TODAY! 

What's wrong with my phone?

You like going places and listening to music. You pack lightly when you travel, because it’s all about the experience and ease. You don't want to carry a separate music player for two reasons -- first, they are expensive, and second, you already have your phone! So, you load your music onto your phone, pack your favorite headphones and go!

But, something’s not right. The music sounds caged-in. It lacks impact, clarity, and emotion. Your music doesn't sound alive. The sound is not what you're used to because your phone is not an audiophile device! It was designed with the average consumer in mind, so it includes mid-grade parts to save costs.

Most people wouldn't hear the sonic difference because they grew up listening to MP3s, and they don’t know any better. But you hear the difference, and this gets frustrating. Fortunately, there is an answer!

It’s called HiFi-Skÿn and it comes from CEntrance, a leader in personal audio. For the last 15 years we've built equipment for recording studios, performance stages and broadcast facilities worldwide. We've designed mixing consoles, recording equipment, and home stereo systems for music professionals – the most demanding ears out there.

HiFi-Skÿn is the answer to the phone sound blues. We used our years of experience in designing quality audio products and packaged an awesome playback system inside of a phone case! Now you can carry the phone with you, do your work AND listen to music in a whole new way. Leave the expensive music player behind. You no longer need it. Your iPhone is now a work-and-play device with great sound quality and a longer battery life.

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