Nordost Introduces the Red Dawn USB-C Cable

Nordost is excited to announce that we will be extending our lineup of USB cables to include the new Red Dawn USB. The Red Dawn USB Cable is the first of Nordost's USB options to offer USB-C  plug compatibility, which is quickly becoming an industry standard due to its adoption by Apple in its newest line of laptops. Nordost’s Red Dawn USB Cable is the perfect solution for hifi audio enthusiasts integrating computer audio into their sound systems when using components that require USB C connectors.

Nordost_Red Dawn USB.jpg

The Red Dawn USB Cable uses silver-plated 99.9999%, OFC signal conductors, optimally designed for digital signal transfer. Each conductor is precision wound to correspond accurately with USB’s unique, hybrid twisted pair/ non twisted pair geometry. The new Red Dawn cable also utilizes Nordost’s proprietary FEP Micro Mono-Filament technology, which allows it to transcend the speed and precision necessary for higher bandwidth and high speed, digital signal transmission. The conductors are then shielded with a dual layer of braid and foil shielding, in order to eliminate EMI and RFI and surpass USB 2.0 standards.

This cable is available terminated with C to Standard B (2.0), Mini B (2.0), or Micro B (2.0) plugs. The Red Dawn USB ensures that all the necessary information will be delivered with the efficiency and diligence needed to maintain the correct impedance to dramatically lift your hifi system to a new level of performance.

Designed, manufactured, and hand-terminated entirely in the USA, the Red Dawn USB Cable guarantees the accurate construction required to produce the best possible performance from computer audio equipment.


  • Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
  • Construction: Micro Mono-Filament, hybrid twisted pair/non twisted pair geometry
  • Material: Stranded silver-plated 99.9999% OFC
  • Overall Shield Coverage: 100% Total Coverage
  • Termination: Type C to Standard B 2.0, Micro B 2.0, or Mini B 2.0

The Red Dawn USB Cable is available in lengths from 0.3 meters to 2 meters. Suggested retail price for this product starts at $274.99 for a 0.3meter length.

The Red Dawn USB Cable is now available for purchase at select Nordost dealers, worldwide. To find the Nordost dealer nearest you, visit the “Where to Buy” page on (source)

MrSpeakers Introduces VOCE Electrostatic Headphones

VOCE is Italian for voice, which seemed an appropriate name for an electrostatic that was designed from day 1 to bring a unique sound signature to the electrostatic headphone market. VOCE was designed with comfort in mind, and delivers electrostatic clarity and resolution with bass that's nearly flat to 10Hz in a design that lets you comfortably enjoy hours of continuous listening. 


VOCE is a ground-up design and features numerous unique features:

  • All-new 88mm 2.4 micron thick electrostatic driver, able to reach the deepest lows and the highest highs
  • Compatible with Stax Pro-bias (580V) amplifiers and energizers
  • MrSpeakers' signature headband using NiTinol memory metal with our unique hinge-free assembly for improved reliability, lighter weight and greater comfort
  • User replaceable 2m (6ft) custom designed silver-plated copper headphone round cable that is supple, non-microphonic, very low capacitance and lightweight
  • Custom made amplifier plug (Stax Pro Bias Compatible) with machined Teflon body, gold plated solid OFC pins, and machined housing for optimum sound and reliability
  • Storage and shipping box that doubles as a beautiful display case and headphone stand. The case even has a cable slot so you can leave your headphone plugged in while stored
  • Tuning kit supports three unique voicings so you can tune your VOCE to your preferences

Our goal with VOCE is to deliver all the excitement and clarity of electrostatics, but with dynamics and lower end impact more typical of the best planar or dynamic headphones. With several tuning options, VOCE can range from a slightly brighter tone similar to some higher end electrostatics, to a very neutral or even slightly dark voicing, though the latter loses a bit of resolving power, for people more concerned with tone (or EDM fans) this can be a very enjoyable voicing. In short, VOCE delivers electrostatic resolution with a full and powerful bottom end, a very large soundstage, a nuanced and full midrange, and smooth, non-fatiguing highs.

Box features include:

  • Real walnut hardwood
  • Hinged clear acrylic front doors with magnetic fasteners
  • A built-in integrated headphone stand
  • A convenient front-slot for the cable so the headphones may be left plugged-in while stored
  • Price: MSRP $2999.99

VOCE is available for order today at MrSpeakers online store and authorized dealers. VOCE shipments will begin in Feb, 2018 and we are now taking orders. (source)


Audeze Announces iSINE LX In-ear Headphones

Audeze announces the newest addition to their critically acclaimed iSINE series of in-ear headphones.

The iSINE series of in-ear headphones, the choice for artists and audiophiles worldwide, combines innovative technology and avant-garde design to deliver an immersive, dynamic music experience unlike any other in-ear. The iSINE LX shares the same engineering DNA as the rave iSINE10 and iSINE20, but features a bold new, modern look and the amazing price of $199 with standard audio cable and $259 with Cipher Lightning & standard audio cable.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.17.11 AM.jpg

"The iSINE LX is the first Audeze headphone to utilize our newly developed automated driver-manufacturing process at our California facility. The launch of the iSINE LX demonstrates our ongoing commitment for continued product and manufacturing process innovation allowing us to manufacture our headphones in the United States," said CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram.


Miniaturizing Planar drivers is no small feat

The new iSINE LX contains all of Audeze’s exclusive patented technology including power enhancing Fluxor™ Magnets and ultra-thin diaphragms with patented Uniforce™ voice-coil technology. The iSINE LX delivers astonishingly clear, accurate, and spacious sound with spectacular bass. The distortion (THD) is less than 0.1% overall even at high volumes, an amazing achievement for in-ear headphone designs. Near zero distortion sound means you’ll feel closer to your music.

Additionally, the iSINE LX are the latest Audeze headphones that work with REVEAL, a set of free plug-ins (available for free download at that can be used for mixing and mastering on the go. REVEAL is compatible with most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) and is now available in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac.

The $199 iSINE LX, sold exclusively in USA, comes with a standard 1.5m audio cable. For an additional $60, customers can add the optional CIPHER™ Lightning cable that connects the headphone to an iPhone via the Lightning port. This award-winning cable takes digital audio directly from the Apple device and uses its own built-in DAC and amplifier for superior audio quality -- even voice call quality is improved.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.22.21 AM.jpg

The company's most affordable headphone is now available to purchase online at It will also be available at (source)

Sennheiser Introduces CX 6.00BT Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

Sennheiser introduces the CX 6.00BT, new Bluetooth in-ear headphones that let you enjoy brilliant sound on the go. The CX 6.00BT features ear-canal earbuds joined by a cable around the neck – a lightweight design that is compact yet robust and provides superior fit and comfort.


Powered by Sennheiser’s high-quality proprietary speaker system, the CX 6.00BT delivers clear, detailed sound with an enhanced bass response. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 and Qualcomm® apt-X™, it is possible to enjoy this uncompromised wireless audio performance to the full. Qualcomm® apt-X™ Low Latency compatibility also enhances gaming or video viewing by keeping the audio transmission perfectly in sync with the visuals.

“We have created the CX 6.00BT to deliver everything you need to enjoy excellent sound on the go,” said Nan Chen, Product Manager at Sennheiser. “Thanks to the latest wireless technologies you can enjoy this unspoilt audio experience with the flexibility of supremely compact, lightweight and comfortable Bluetooth headphones.” 

Technical Data

  • Color: black
  • Frequency response: 17-21,000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level (SPL): 112 dB (1kHz/0 dBFS)
  • Battery Specification: Lithium-ion polymer
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2
  • THD + N, total harmonic distortion and noise: <0.5% (1kHz, 100dB)

A lightweight design with heavyweight features

The headphones’ features include convenient multi-connection capability that enables pairing with up to two devices simultaneously, for example when switching between one’s phone and computer. The CX 6.00BT has an integrated microphone with cVc noise cancellation technology for crystal clear calls on the go and supports 3-way calling. Alongside a three-button remote for controlling music and calls, the headphones provide convenient voice prompts notifying the user of battery status.

The CX 6.00BT also delivers superior comfort and security: Sennheiser has created an around-the-neck cable design that balances and minimizes the weight of the angled ergonomic earpieces to ensure that they stay in place. For an optimized fit, it features a cable divider for better adjustment and comes provided with a choice of four sizes of ear adapters to ensure excellent attenuation of ambient noise. Despite its feather-light 14g weight, it is tough enough to take anywhere, thanks to its robust build quality and durable materials.

With a six-hour battery life, the CX 6.00BT has been designed to complement busy lifestyles, with convenient fast charging via USB that can add two hours of battery time in just ten minutes and can be fully charged in only 1.5 hours.

What's in the box?

  • CX 6.00BT In-Ear Wireless headphones
  • USB charching cable
  • Ear adapter set (XS/S/M/L)
  • Carry case

The new CX 6.00BT will be available from January 2018 for 99 EUR/99.95 USD (MSRP).


Sennheiser Announces HD 820 Closed-back Audiophile Headphones

Sennheiser is redefining the limits of audiophile sound – with the new HD 820 which will first be showcased at CES. The closed-back dynamic stereo headphones deliver astonishingly transparent sound, thanks to a unique glass transducer cover that minimizes resonances – an innovation that ensures an incredibly realistic and natural sound field. 


With a more than 70-year history of setting performance standards in sound, Sennheiser is once again redrawing the map with the creation of the HD 820. The new circumaural dynamic stereo headphones shatter expectations of what was thought possible from a closed-back model and set a new benchmark in sound quality for this type of design. 

“Whether on the move, at work or at home, the passionate audiophile will always want to appreciate their music to the full,” said Axel Grell, Portfolio Management Consumer at Sennheiser. “Usually, high-end headphones require an open-back design, which has placed limits on where you can enjoy true audiophile sound. The HD 820 is a game changer that delivers exceptional sound while insulating the listener from their environment. I consider them to be the most transparent-sounding closed-back headphones in the world.”

The HD 820 establishes a new reference standard for its class, with an incredibly realistic and natural sound field. This breakthrough performance has been achieved through a special innovation: Over each of the legendary Sennheiser Ring Radiator transducers are unique glass covers. Revealing the acoustics within, the patent-pending curved Gorilla glass serves to reflect the sound waves from the rear of the transducer to two absorber chambers, which results in minimal resonance.

Technical Data

  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Frequency response (Headphones): 12 - 43800 Hz (-3 dB), 6 - 48000 Hz (-10 dB)
  • Sound pressure level (SPL): 103 dB at 1 kHz, 1V
  • Ear coupling: around the ear
  • Jack plug: 6.3 mm / Pentaconn / (XLR4)
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Weight: 360 g without cable
  • Transducer principle (headphones): dynamic, closed

Engineering an unparalleled listening experience

Manufactured in Germany, the headphones feature a robust metal headband with an inner damping element, and silver-cladded OFC cables and gold-plated plugs. Meanwhile, the ear pads have been handcrafted from high-quality non-allergic synthetic leather and microfiber to cushion and insulate the listener from ambient noise. Together, these carefully selected components and materials delight every sense while producing an unparalleled listening experience.

Complete the Sennheiser audiophile experience

Sennheiser’s HDV 820 amplifier for dynamic headphones is the perfect companion to the HD 820. With its consistently symmetrical signal processing and extremely low harmonic distortion, the amplifier ensures unadulterated and perfect music enjoyment when paired with audiophile headphones. A specially tuned symmetrical, impedance matching cable with low capacitance is included with the HD 820 to guarantee seamless performance from this audiophile duo.

Both HD 820 and HDV 820 feature Pentaconn connectors – the new standard for balanced outputs. This offers a lower contact resistance than all other connections for headphones to produce minimal distortion and a more transparent sound reproduction. 

What's in the box?

  • Headphones HD 820 (closed, dynamic headphones)
  • connection cable: ¼” (6.35 mm) stereo jack plug (connected ex works), unbalanced
  • 4.4 mm Pentaconn stereo jack plug, balanced
  • XLR-4 connector, balanced
  • USB flash drive (SD-U16L version) with instruction manual (as PDF file) and individually diffuse-field frequency response curve
  • instruction manual
  • storage box
  • microfiber cloth

The new HD 820 will be available from early summer 2018 for 2,399 EUR/2,399.95 USD (MSRP). (source

Klipsch Adding Google Assistant To Heritage Wireless Table-top Speakers

Klipsch announces that its next generation of award-winning Heritage Wireless table-top speakers will have the Google Assistant built in. New Klipsch Heritage Wireless speakers The Three and The One with the Google Assistant built-in blend nostalgic mid-century modern design, award-winning acoustic performances, and robust connectivity with the addition of a personal, helpful assistant.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 6.43.46 AM.jpg

The Klipsch Heritage Wireless speakers The Three and The One with the Google Assistant built in are designed to make daily tasks faster and easier. Functionality includes: the ability to ask questions and get information, stream music, hear the news, weather and traffic, add to shopping list, control smart devices, make a phone call, and much more. Although these new speakers will be available in special edition finishes, the unique design and powerful sound will remain consistent with the standard editions of each speaker.
Klipsch Heritage Wireless speaker The Three is a powerful stereo tabletop with an integrated subwoofer for enhanced bass. Klipsch Heritage Wireless speaker The One is a smaller, semi-portable tabletop speaker with a rechargeable battery for placement versatility. Both speakers incorporate a mid-century modern design, premium materials such as real wood veneer and copper switches and knobs, and Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Klipsch Heritage Wireless speaker The Three with the Google Assistant built in (US MSRP $499) will be available this fall, while The One with the Google Assistant built in (US MSRP $349) will be available in the spring of 2019. (source)

Jamo Announces Studio 8 Speaker Series

Jamo announces the reimagined Studio 8 speaker series, which has been a core Jamo line for decades. The new Jamo Studio 8 series combines innovative contemporary designs, advanced acoustics, and balanced, natural sound at various price points. Extra attention to detail has been paid to ensure this series has a clean, seamless appearance. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 6.10.35 AM.jpg

The Jamo Studio 8 passive speakers include three towers (S 809, S 807, S805), two monitors (S 803 and S 801), two centers (S 83 CEN and S 81 CEN), two subwoofers (S 810 SUB and S 808 SUB), and one Dolby Atmos® certified elevation speaker (S 8 ATM). 

The larger towers (S 809 and S 807) and monitor (S 803) speakers have elegant, patent-pending conductive metal fasteners on the top of their cabinets that also serve as terminals for the S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos certified elevation speaker. The S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker’s metal feet innovatively align with these connectors so the back of the speaker has a clean design. The grilles on the tower speakers slide up to align with the Dolby Atmos elevation speaker and create one continuous line, free from visible inputs or wires. 

The slimline, versatile 10” and 8” subwoofers (S 810 SUB and S 808 SUB, respectively) can be placed vertically or horizontally against the wall, or even tucked on their side out of site underneath furniture. They feature a bottom-mounted amplifier and 90° power plug for additional orientation flexibility and a clean look. 


All speaker models are available in three furniture-grade finishes with wood grain accents around the tweeters, at the bases, and feet. The fully magnetic grilles come in two unique colors – white speakers come with heather gray grilles, and the walnut and black speakers come with charcoal gray grilles. 

The Jamo Studio 8 collection of speakers will be on display at CES 2018 in Klipsch Group booth 13529/Central Hall. They are available now through select retailers and at U.S. MSRP’s are as follows: Towers S 809 $699 ea., S 807 $599 ea., and S 805 $399. Monitors S 803 $$299 pr. and S 801 $199 pr. Center Channels S 83 CEN $249 ea. and S 81 CEN $179 ea. Dolby Atmos elevation speaker S 8 ATM $199 pr. Subwoofers S 810 Sub $299 ea. and S 808 $199 ea. (source)