ETHER C is the latest addition to our award-winning ETHER headphone line.  Using advanced carbon fiber ear cups, ETHER C delivers an exceptionally "open" headphone sound while weighing in only 0.6 oz (~15gr) more than our ETHER open back headphone.  

Which ETHER?
Both ETHERs share the same V-Planar driver, but the tuning is different, and of course ETHER C is closed.  If your application requires isolation, such as for travel or times when you don't want to disturb people with music or be disturbed by external noise, ETHER C is the easy choice. 

Sonically, both headphones are voiced to be as close to neutral as we can, but there are differences:

- ETHER C has deeper, faster bass for EDM and other bass heavy music (it's not a traditional "bass head" phone but it delivers the goods) 

- ETHER has a warmer upper bass-lower midrange well suited to classical, jazz and much pop/rock, delivering a more "intimate" feel than ETHER C on vocal-oriented music

- ETHER offers a slightly larger soundstage while ETHER C resolves placement and "volume" a bit more accurately 

- With extra isolation, ETHER C can be more resolving of micro details and ambience cues, and it offers a slightly smoother and more detailed treble


  • Driver: 2.75” x 1.75” MrSpeakers’ designed single-ended planar magnetic (with V-Planar™ surface processing)
  • Precision machined Aluminum baffle, pivots and gimbals
  • Nitinol “Memory Metal” Head-band
  • Italian leather with microsuede headband
  • Lamb-leather ear pads
  • Matched drivers: +/- 1.5 dB between 30 and 5,000Hz (tentative)


  • Weight: 370g (13.1oz)
  • Frequency response: Yes*
  • Efficiency: 96dB/mW
  • Impedance: 23 ohms

MrSpeakers' ETHER is $1,499.99 USD. (link)

ETHER includes: 1) Our standard 6' headphone cable with your choice of XLR, 1/4", 3.5mm, 2.5mm balanced and RSA/ALO termination. 2) A custom case for transportation 3) A velvet bag for storage

MrSpeakers will be showing ETHER and ETHER C at the following shows, CanJams and meets. 

  • August 29-30, CanJam London
  • September 26, Nashville Head-Fi meet
  • September 26-27, CanJam Germany
  • October 2-4, CanJam at RMAF
  • October 24-25, Tokyo Fujiya AVIC headphone show