Blue extends its acclaimed headphone line with Lola, a high-fidelity headphone that features massive custom drivers and a radical form-fit design engineered to reveal new detail in your favorite music.

Blue, a 20-year leading innovator in audio technology and design, today announces Lola, a high-fidelity headphone that reveals detail in your music you never knew was there – detail hidden from you by some of the biggest headphone brands around.  Lola was inspired by Blue’s radical holistic design for optimized performance and the most personalized fit, and introduces a new lighter, slim-fit headband. Lola’s sealed over-ear design and massive custom 50mm drivers provide extremely accurate sound reproduction, while the precision acoustic cabinets present an impeccable sound stage. Whether you’re listening to MP3’s, lossless music, vinyl or Spotify, you’ll notice never-before-heard detail with Lola—the headphones with nothing to hide.

“With Lola, we are excited to bring a new level of sound quality to the headphone market. Popular mass-marketed headphones don’t live up to their hype, robbing listeners of the emotional impact that can come from listening to their favorite music. For those who won’t settle for the overhyped, we’ve created Lola." said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. “Blue is helping thousands of listeners to rediscover their favorite music.”

Lola builds on Blue’s heritage for inspiring design and performance. It shares the same custom 50mm drivers and innovative enclosure architecture as the acclaimed Mo-Fi headphone. Huge cabinets behind the drivers deliver optimal performance by maximizing the volume of air around the drivers. This holistic approach to sound design results in full-range sound with tight and powerful low end, articulate and warm mids, and accurate extended high frequency response. Each aspect of the design works harmoniously to deliver a jaw-dropping listening experience.

Lola also advances Blue’s radically innovative approach to personalized comfort and fit by introducing a new lighter, slim-fit headband. First introduced with Mo-Fi, Blue’s reinvented headband design features a four-point multi-jointed linkage system and pivoting arms that allow the headphones to stay perfectly parallel at all times. Lola furthers this design with a new slimmer headband that provides total comfort and adjustability for any head shape and size. And earcups—shaped like ears—provide a superior seal around the ears for accurate bass response, improved isolation and reduced sound bleed. The result is a supremely precise, highly customizable fit system that allows for superior comfort and great performance.

Lola comes with a soft travel case and two high-quality audio cables, including a 3-meter audio cable and a 1.5-meter cable with built-in mic and Apple iPhone/iPad controls. 

Lola (MSRP $249.99) will be available in charcoal black and pearl white starting in November at Amazon, Best Buy online, and Guitar Center, and coming soon to other authorized retailers worldwide. (more info)