Klipsch® Announces 70th Anniversary Heritage Series Speakers

Klipsch® announced today that it will offer two additional 70th Anniversary Heritage series speakers, creating a limited run of the legendary CornwallTM and La Scala®. Klipsch will meticulously handcraft 70 pairs of each model at its manufacturing facility in Hope, AR. Each 70th Anniversary Heritage speaker will feature an exotic Australian Walnut wood veneer, a unique silver luster grille cloth, special edition logos, and a signature 70th Anniversary plaque identifying its numbered sequence in the series. 

The 70th Anniversary Cornwall (MSRP $6,000 per pair) and La Scala (MSRP $14,000 per pair) will be available at authorized retailers and at Klipsch.com October 2016.

70th Anniversary Cornwall

70th Anniversary Cornwall

Audio pioneer and company founder Paul W. Klipsch, initially introduced the Cornwall in 1959. The Cornwall derives its name from being the first Klipsch loudspeaker designed to operate from either a corner or against a wall (corn/wall). The speaker was designed to serve as a larger, full-range alternative to the Heresy when used as a center channel speaker between two widely spaced Klipschorns. When it was discontinued in 1990, there was an outcry from consumers, resulting in a letter-writing campaign and even a petition to bring back the storied Cornwall.

This famed speaker, now dubbed the Cornwall III, is a three-way design using horn-loaded compression drivers for the midrange and treble and a direct-radiating 15-inch woofer for the low frequencies. The Cornwall delivers the full-range bass response of the Klipschorn® with sensitivity and output approaching the fully horn-loaded models.

The La Scala launched in 1963 when Paul W. Klipsch made it for Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Winthrop Rockefeller to use as a public address speaker. Because some considered it a “portable” and more affordable version of the revolutionary Klipschorn®, the La Scala found success beyond the campaign. Despite its raw, unfinished appearance, the fully horn-loaded, three-way La Scala sounded so good that people still wanted to put it in their living rooms.

The La Scala brings the most subtle musical details to life, always delivering the legendary Klipsch sound with clarity and ease. On a single watt, it generates 105 decibels of sound pressure, which means that the La Scala will delight the listener even while using the most modest amplifier power. (source)

70th Anniversary La Scala

70th Anniversary La Scala

Bowers & Wilkins Introduces P9 Signature Headphones

P9 Signature headphones celebrate Bowers & Wilkins' 50-year mission to deliver perfect sound, complete with all the emotion of the original performance. The P9 Signature are a worthy flagship model of our award-winning range of mobile Hi-Fi headphones featuring advanced technologies and the best sound yet from a Bowers & Wilkins headphone; once again setting the standards that other audio manufacturers will have to meet.

The P9 Signature headphones is our largest over-ear headphone, exemplifies all of the acoustic and design innovation skills we have amassed in our 50 year journey. P9 Signature raises the bar for performance from a mobile headphone. The P9 Signature deliver pristine sound that takes you to the very heart of your favorite music. Crystal clear treble, insightful midrange and a deep solid bottom end combine breathtaking performance. The headphones are exquisitely crafted from luxuriously high quality materials. Italian Saffiano leather and a forged foldable aluminum arms for greater durability and headband strength. New proprietary piston diaphragm speaker drivers deliver a unique coloration-free audio experience. The angled drivers also bring a superior spatial sound stage for a unique and immersive experience. Uniquely vented multi-layer memory foam cushions combine with the high-quality leather used on the ear-pads and headband to deliver an incredibly comfortable experience.

  • P9 Hi-Fi Headphones
  • 1.2m MFi cable (TRRS 3-pole stereo)
  • 1.2m Standard cable (TRS 3-pole stereo)
  • 5m Standard cable (TRS 3-pole stereo)
  • 1/4" audio jack adapter plug
  • Protective pouch

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature headphone retails for $899 and comes with a 2-year limited warranty only when purchased from an authorized dealer including Amazon.com.

Astell&Kern Adds TIDAL To Its Line of Portable Hi-Res Audio Players

Astell&Kern officially adds TIDAL to its full line of Wi-Fi enabled portable high-resolution audio players.
TIDAL is a global, experiential, entertainment platform built for fans, directly from artists around the world. TIDAL members enjoy exclusively curated content that?directly connect artists with their fans in multiple ways. The service offers high-fidelity, CD sound quality music, high resolution video, an opportunity to discover new artists, and unique experiences via TIDAL X. TIDAL is available in more than 52 countries, with more than a 42.5 million song catalog and 140,000 high quality videos.  For more information, please visit www.tidal.com.

Henry Park, CEO of IRIVER, parent company of Astell&Kern said, “With the TIDAL integration, we are providing users with the best hi-fi streaming service available today.  We are very excited to offer this service to our loyal customers. Astell&Kern feels the addition of Tidal will help reach new audiences who want to receive their music selection delivered this way. Astell&Kern is always looking for new ways to provide music lovers with the best way to enjoy music at home and on-the-go.  Our line of high-resolution audio players is considered to be the best money can buy so we always want to be a part of the latest and greatest options currently available for music.”
While Astell&Kern has streaming services available on their devices in other countries such as Groovers+, MOOV and Deezer, TIDAL integration provides a global provider of streaming music services available in 46 countries. 
TIDAL support will be available via an OTA firmware update and will roll out in tiers to Astell&Kern’s full product line, starting with the AK70, AK300, AK320 and AK380 portable high-resolution audio players.  Support for Astell&Kern’s AK240, AK100 II, AK120 II players will follow.
Astell&Kern products can be purchased online directly at us.astellnkern.com and are found at high-end audio retailers around the world.

Westone Introduces New High End In-Ear Monitor, the Signature Series W80

Westone, the leader in high performance in-ear audio, announced the launch of the newest high end in-ear monitor, the Signature Series W80. “Three years in the making, the Signature W80 is the quintessential achievement of industry pioneers Kris and Karl Cartwright. Every detail of the W80 was purpose built from the ground up in order to provide the most comfortable, best sounding, and luxurious experience possible.” said Blake Gaiser, Director of Product and Marketing. “No other product on the market today has gone to the extent that Westone has with the W80 to provide the best sounding earphones, the highest quality cable, and the most luxurious carry case and accessories. Everything about the W80 is desirable.”

The Signature W80 features eight proprietary drivers impeccably tuned with a passive 3-way crossover to create an unbelievably immersive listening experience. Masterfully engineered, the W80 makes no compromises delivering reference level audio by integrating full size dual bass drivers with dual mid and quad high drivers as well as ALO Audio’s proven hifi “Reference 8” cable. The result is the most comfortable, ergonomically designed earphone on the market with a wider, deeper and a far more “holographic” presentation with improved dynamic range, increased micro details, enhanced black background, expansive harmonic content with tremendous accuracy and an extensive sound stage. MSRP $1,499 Available starting October 2016 in select countries and worldwide by November 2016.

beyerdynamic Introduces Amiron Home Headphones

Amiron home is our invitation to pure musical enjoyment: just sit back in your favourite chair and let the sound carry you away.

Never before has your living room sounded more like a real concert hall. Just hearing the first few notes will turn you into a dedicated fan of Amiron home, your superb musical companion that will bring you brilliant and reliable sound for many years to come.
The name Amiron home represents high-end headphones that embody our boundless passion for music and epitomize the workmanship of being “handmade in Germany”. It is a combination you will continue to appreciate for many enjoyable years to come.


A superb listening experience
Tesla technology is a cutting-edge innovation from beyerdynamic, which has taken the music world by storm.
The Tesla system has now been further refined for use in Amiron home. Modifications to the transducer have diminished unwanted vibrations to an absolute minimum and completely eliminated annoying treble resonances. More precise than ever, the sound tuning will amaze even the most discerning music enthusiasts.


For music you can reach out and touch
Amiron home brings you concert-quality sound, combining a very precise bass with transparent mids and pleasantly clear highs. This makes it a great choice for fans of a wide range of music genres. The precise and clear musical portrait these headphones paint of each and every instrument is sure to delight music lovers.


An authentic concert experience in your own living room
As its name suggests, the Amiron home finds its natural habitat in the congenial setting of your own home where amid peaceful surroundings you can engross yourself in the music. The open design of these headphones produces a spacious, natural sound, and you feel an incredible closeness and transparency in the music. The bonds of time and space now broken, you are transported to your own personal concert hall. Escape from your daily routine and let your favourite concert surround you any time you like in your very own haven of tranquility.


Optimum wearing comfort for hours of listening pleasure
The balanced contact pressure exerted by the headband ensures the Amiron home remains securely and very comfortably positioned around your ears. This optimum fit contributes to creating an auditory space that lets the music unfold to its full potential. The use of highest-quality Alcantara microfibres and Microvelour mean the headband and ear pads are velvety soft, thus enhancing the sense of well-being produced by your favorite music. The comfort of your headphones lets you focus your full attention on the music itself – for hours on end.


  • Highly efficient Tesla technology drivers
  • Hand crafted "Made in Germany"
  • High-resolution sound for a concert experience at home
  • Impedance 250 Ohms
  • velvety soft headband and ear pads out of Alcantara microfibres and Microvelour
  • 3 m long cable with 3.5 mm jack plug and screwed-on 6.35 mm jack adapter
  • double-sided and detachable cable

Amiron Home headphones will be available through authorized dealers and on Amazon in 8 weeks. MSRP: $599. (source)

Sony Introduces PHA-2A USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Get more from your headphones

Breathe new life into your music collection with the PHA-2A headphone amplifier. Just plug in your amp and discover the difference of balanced sound and High-Resolution Audio. Sit back, relax and enjoy music that’s closer to the original recording.  

Discover balanced audio

A balanced connection separates audio channels, eliminating interference. This ensures a distinct tone and enhanced dynamic range within an expansive acoustic field.

Pure sound meets precision engineering

Discover how developments in design make the PHA-2A easier to control, more intuitive to handle and a pleasure to listen to.

  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE (HZ): 10 - 100kHz (analog section)
  • IMPEDANCE (OHM): 8 Ohms - 600 Ohms
  • USAGE TIME: Approx 5 hours (when digital/balanced)
  • AVAILABILITY: Coming soon.